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Eastwood Neighborhood Association, Inc. is dedicated to promoting, developing, and enhancing the Eastwood Neighborhood as a culturally, socially, and economically vital community within the city of Syracuse, New York. The goal of the ENA is to further our community as a desirable locale for residence, business, and recreation.

ENA was formed by citizens concerned with the changes taking place in the Eastwood Neighborhood as the local economy transitions from an industrial to “post-industrial” base.

Membership is currently on the rise as the Association has begun to work on its goal of creating an strong, attractive neighborhood able to meet the needs of its citizens.

Eastwood Neighborhood Community Garden

2016 Eastwood Community Scholarship Applications are now available. Deadline: April 1, 2016

Eastwood Mazella Court and Memorial Garden Mazella Court and Memorial Garden

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Plans for the court and memorial garden, located at the corner of Avon Road and Mosley Drive, are underway. You can be a part by ordering and engraving a paver brick to be used for the pathway into the garden.

Mark Your Calendar For These Upcoming Events

May 30, 2016
9 a.m.

Memorial Day Parade

Skaters and Dog Park folks are planning on marching with ENA. If interested, contact info@eastwoodneighbor.com

August 6, 2016

Eastwood Market Day

Flea market meets neighborhood garage sale. Interested in selling your treasures? Watch for signup information or find the sale on Facebook@EastwoodMarket Day


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