Eastwood Market Day – August 6, 2016

May 2nd, 2016

Join Our Community Sale

Sellers, Crafters, Small Businesses & Vendors Needed

  • Got too much “stuff”?
  • Could you use some extra money?
  • Have a small business you’d like to promote?
  • Want to have a garage sale but don’t want strangers at your home?

Participate at the 2016 Annual Eastwood Market Day!

Date: Saturday, August 6, 2016 (rain or shine)
Time: 9 am – 3:00 pm
Location: POMCO’s Parking Lot
Vendor Space Fee: $25 per 8′ x 16′ space

To reserve your space complete the on-line form below. You can make your payment using PayPal after you submit the form. Or, complete this form and mail it in with your payment.

Contact Eastwood Neighborhood Association with any questions.

Vendor Name/s:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip Code:
No. of Reserved Spaces:
Describe Items To Be Sold:
Payment Amount:
By checking the box below I agree to waive any responsibility of POMCO or the Eastwood Neighborhood Association (known as the Association) for any accidents or damage to myself, my customers or my merchandise. I also agree that any taxes or income will be my responsibility to report. I will sell the items or type of items that I have reported on this form or be subject to removal from the Eastwood Market Day with no recourse or refund unless prior written approval from the Association is given. This fee is non-refundable. At Eastwood Market Day, I agree to set up my space between 7:00 am—8:30 am and not to tear down my booth prior to the end of the event at 3:00 pm except by direct permission from the Association. I hereby grant full permission to use my name and any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other record of this event for promotional purposes of the Association.
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Spring 2016 Newsletter

March 11th, 2016

 Eastwood Neighbor Spring2016 Newsletter

Keep up with what’s happening!

The Eastwood Neighbor Spring 2016 newsletter is here!

Highlights in this issue:

  • New Eastwood Neighborhood Association Logo
  • Launch of the Eastwood Neighborhood Community Garden
  • Winter Hero
  • Eastwood Rides
  • Mazella Court Update

… and more.

Please take a few minutes to read about all the exciting news and events happening in Eastwood!

Eastwood Neighborhood Community Garden

March 10th, 2016

tomatoesWe are very excited to announce the launch of the Eastwood Neighborhood Community Garden. The garden is a new initiative of Eastwood Neighborhood Association for 2016.

Syracuse Grows, the Master Gardeners of Onondaga County, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today have assisted in making what has been talked about for several years into a reality.

The garden will be located in Eastwood Heights Park, at the corner of Mosley Drive and Sunnycrest Road. It will feature 20 raised garden beds, nineteen designated for community use and one devoted to the students of Huntington School.

Eastwood Neighborhood Community Garden brochure

Community Garden Brochure

This is a great opportunity for Eastwood residents, especially those without a yard of their own, to grow their own healthy fruits and vegetables.

The growing season is fast approaching! Don’t wait to reserve one of the nineteen 3′ x 10′ spaces. They are sure to go quickly.

For more information, view and print the brochure.

Download the Community Garden Application here and submit it with your fee.


2016 Eastwood Community Scholarship Application Period Is Now Open

January 5th, 2016

2016 Eastwood Neightborhood Association Scholarship flier for schools
The Eastwood Neighborhood Association is announcing the kick off to this year’s annual Eastwood Community Scholarship Award Program. Two $500 scholarships will be awarded to seniors attending a high school in or around Syracuse, New York. Eligible students must reside in the Eastwood 13206 zip code.

Program Guidelines:

  • Seeking graduating seniors with a record of volunteerism in the community in non-school sponsored activities and participation in extracurricular school activities.
  • Applicants must plan to attend a 2 or 4 year college or technical school.
  • Scholarship funds will be paid in May 2016, for the Fall semester of the student’s first year. Payment will be made directly to the student. This is a one-time scholarship.
  • Scholarship funds can be used at the student’s discretion.
  • Applicants must have the endorsement of their Guidance Counselor on their application attesting they are a qualified fit for this scholarship program. The Eastwood Neighborhood Association will accept applications from any student that lives within the 13206 zip code regardless of where they attend high school. Application deadline is April 1, 2016.


Download Scholarship Application Form2016 Eastwood Neighborhood Association Scholarship Application


Mail one copy of your completed application package to:

Eastwood Neighborhood Association
Eastwood Community Scholarship Award Committee
P. O. Box 66
Syracuse, NY 13206

or email to:  info@eastwoodneighbor.com

Applications will be reviewed and recipients selected by an impartial panel of judges. The scholarships will be awarded in May 2016.

Please submit questions via email to: info@eastwoodneighbor.com


Download Scholarship FlyerHelp Spread The Word – print the flyer

Health & Wellness Classes for 2016

December 15th, 2015

Our Health & Wellness classes are funded with some of the proceeds from the Eastwood Autumn Park-to-Park Run for members of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association.

NIA Classes

$15 per 8-week session for ENA members

Wednesday evenings at 5:45 p.m. – Eastwood Baptist Church
3212 James Street (corner of James and Homecroft)

  • April 6 – May 25
  • October 5 – November 23
    (November 30 may be substituted for November 23, which is the day before Thanksgiving)

NIA instructor: Kathleen Crinin

NIA involves cardiovascular aerobic exercise.  It combines some martial arts, some dance, and some healing arts (like yoga) for a whole mind/body workout that all ages can enjoy.

Classes are choreographed and accompanied by music, and can be performed at the student’s own pace and comfort level.

Each class includes mindful movement guidance – warm-up, sustained non-impact aerobic conditioning, strength training, cool down and stretching.

Winter 2015-16 Newsletter

December 15th, 2015

 Eastwood Neighbor Winter 2015-16 Newsletter

Keep up with what’s happening!

The Eastwood Neighbor Winter 2015-16 newsletter is here!

Highlights in this issue:

  • Meet our new Board President
  • Help the Skate Park and see an SU basketball game
  • Eastwood Autumn Park-to-Park Run review
  • Sewer meeting follow-up
  • Mazella Court & Memorial Garden receives grant

… and more.

Please take a few minutes to read about all the exciting news and events happening in Eastwood!

Fall 2015 Newsletter

September 11th, 2015

 Eastwood Neighbor Fall 2015 Newsletter

Keep up with what’s happening!

The Eastwood Neighbor Fall 2015 newsletter is here!

Highlights in this issue:

  • The Eastwood Park-to-Park Autumn Run is looking for runners and volunteers
  • New Board members announced
  • Mazella Court & Memorial Garden fundraiser scheduled for October 3
  • Curb Appeal 2015
  • Volunteers needed for concession stand at Syracuse University Football games
  • Let’s Talk Eastwood Sewers update

… and more.

Please take a few minutes to read about all the exciting news and events happening in Eastwood!

Flooding Survey for Eastwood Residents

August 27th, 2015

As a follow-up to our ‘Lets Talk Sewers’ meeting on August 10th, the City of Syracuse DPW has released a Flooding Events Survey for Eastwood Residents.

If you have been experiencing basement flooding, PLEASE complete the survey and send it in.

Survey forms may be emailed to SewerDepartment@SyrGov.net or mailed to or dropped off at:

1200 Canal Street Extension
Syracuse, NY 13210

(Use this email specifically for this survey and other general sewer questions. In a Sewer Emergency, contact City Line 448-CITY [448-2489].)

Find the survey at the Syracuse City Sewer Department website page.

Eastwood Flood Control Meeting – August 10

Meeting Results – Next Steps — Check it out here

Eastwood In Bloom – Crafter Sign Up

August 24th, 2015

Attention Local Crafters!

Looking for a venue to sell? Join us at this year’s Eastwood In Bloom Celebration

Saturday, September 26, 2015

9 am – 1 pm
Rain or Shine
South Midler Wesleyan Church Parking Lot (Get directions)

Free Bulb Give-away, Raffles and More!

Cost: $20 per 10′ x 12′ area

For more information, call Annelise at 463-4794 or email info@eastwoodneighbor.com.

Crafter Name/s:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip Code:
No. of Reserved Spaces:
Payment Amount:
Enter this code
Enter this code

Eastwood Flood Control Program – Notes from 8/10/2015 Meeting

August 24th, 2015

Response to the “Let’s Talk Sewers” August 10 Meeting

The City of Syracuse DPW is asking for input — Take the Flood Survey

From: ENA Residential Property Conservation Committee (RPCC)
Date: August 19, 2015

The meeting was organized by ENA’s Residential Property Conservation Committee (RPCC) in response to the public concern about increased flooding and sewer backups in Eastwood after two exceptional storms in May and June. It was attended by 170 residents, most of whom were affected by the recent and previous flooding. City and county officials responsible for storm and sanitary drainage systems presented information about the operation of the system. Many residents expressed frustration with the lack of action to resolve a chronic problem—especially when the problem has existed in the past and will certainly be worse with more frequent violent storms in the future.

Based on the information presented at the meeting, the RPCC plans to review the following potential actions in preparation for additional public meetings:

  1. Action steps to be explored with the public agencies from the City and the County:
    1. Analyze the Eastwood watershed to determine water flow capacity to handle future storms
    2. Prepare a capacity plan based on the severity of the recent storms
    3. Determine alternatives for developing a plan. Possibilities might include:
      • A drainage retention basin similar to Velasko Road or deep-well storage facilities
      • A drainage channel similar to the Meadowbrook channel
      • An expansion of the existing system to increase capacity
    4. Develop specific programs:
      • A financing program for flood control improvements for individual properties at low interest
      • A program to reduce costs for improvements through volume purchases / contracts
      • A maintenance program for scheduled clean-outs of individual property sewer lines
      • A pre-flood emergency catch-basin cleaning program based on immediate warnings
  2. Action steps to be researched with Eastwood residents:

    1. Install rain barrels to divert downspouts from cellar with possible volume discounts
    2. Replace lawns that don’t absorb water with rain gardens—contact “Save the Rain” for guidance
    3. Request a meeting to review specific flooding problems with city/county technical staff in response to cases where residents were told that there was “nothing to be done.” Or “it’s your problem….”
    4. Attend next RPCC meeting to follow up on flood insurance issues
    5. Install check valve and sump pumps with financing from the financing program in #4 above
    6. Request city preventive maintenance on a regular basis
  3. Actions to be initiated by ENA:

    1. Put a preliminary action plan on the website for general information.
    2. Contact everyone who signed up by email.
    3. Form a working group to meet with city and county, including elected representatives, to consider Items 1 – 4 above.
    4. Get a map from the county that shows drainage that be could posted on the ENA Website or circulated.
    5. Schedule a general committee meeting for follow up, including a session on flood insurance
    6. Set up a survey website with assistance offered by Kirk Knestis from Hezel Associates
    7. Work for the creation of a city agency to review Eastwood’s sewer problems with city technical representatives to improve communication and address individual flooding issues.

Submitted by Minch Lewis, Chair
Residential Property Conservation Committee
August 19, 2015

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