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There are so many activities happening in Eastwood, many sponsored by the ENA.

Take a stroll through our galleries and see all the goings on. And, while you’re at it, consider joining the Eastwood Neighborhood Association if you haven’t already. For a very little investment, you can ensure that activities like these can continue!

Eastwood is a great place to live and work — we can all keep it that way!

Park-to-Park Run

Each October, the Eastwood Neighborhood Association sponsors a run through all the scenic parks in Eastwood. This run is quickly becoming one of the most well-attended runs in Syracuse. Join us for the next event!

Golf Tournaments

The Golf Tournament takes place on the beautiful rolling hills of Sunnycrest Park. There is a wonderful view of the downtown Syracuse from some locations.

Other ENA Projects and Events

The Eastwood Neighborhood Association sponsors a wide range of activies: ice skating days during winter break; a Farmer\'s Market; parades; and more. Visit this gallery to get just a small glimpse of what is great about Eastwood!

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