ENA Committees are dedicated to improving Eastwood living and are made up of individuals who focus on specific projects.   All  ENA members and Eastwood residents are encouraged to join and participate in any committee of interest.

For more information, contact Committee Chairs or e-mail info@eastwoodneighbor.com

ENA’s support committees have the same goal: to increase appreciation and support of the neighborhood and the neighborhood association.

Marketing/Publicity Committee

Chair: Karen Schroeder 317-4980

The Marketing Committee is responsible for raising awareness about ENA and life in Eastwood. Projects include: preparing the quarterly Eastwood Neighbor; updating the website; and developing new ideas to keep residents informed about their neighborhood association and other community events. Check out the calendar in our quarterly newsletter and on our home page. If you have an event of interest to Eastwoodites, let us know.

Membership Committee

Chair: Sharon Morrison 438-3132

The Membership Committee continually seeks new ways to increase membership in ENA and participation on our committees.

The committee maintains membership records, collects membership dues, distributes the Eastwood Neighbor and acts as hosts at our general meetings.

Other on-going duties include the New Neighbors Network, which welcomes new homeowners to Eastwood and introduces them to ENA.

If you are a new neighbor or know of one who would be interested in joining ENA, let us know.

Special Events

Chair: Sue Straub 437-5087

The Special Events Committee coordinates activities to foster community involvement and to develop neighborhood camaraderie while raising funds to benefit Eastwood.

Events include the yearly Eastwood Park-to-Park Autumn Run, Summer Concerts at Norwood Park, Winterfest activities, Scavenger Hunts, yearly Golf Tournaments at Sunnycrest Golf Course, annual Bulb-Giveaways, Bike Rodeos, carnivals and more!

Let us know if you have an idea for an event or if you would like to help plan current events.


ENA’s action committees were formed based on neighbor’s input and dreams for their neighborhood. Currently, we have the following working groups, with the potential to form any number of new committees, based on interest and participation.

Green Thumb Committee

Chair: Annelise Bucci   463-4794

The Green Thumb Committee maintains several planting sites throughout Eastwood and most of the flower pots that line James Street throughout the summer. Plans for early spring preparations begin in January. Tending the garden sites extends through the summer.

The annual bulb give-away “Eastwood in Bloom” has become an October tradition.

History & Archives Committee

Chair: [Position open]

History & Archives Committee collects chronological information to preserve Eastwood’s rich past, plus keeps an account of current ENA events for the next generation of Eastwoodites to enjoy. The committee contributes a column to each Eastwood Neighbor – a glimpse of days gone by.

Memorial Committee

Chair: Dan Rogers  383-2541

The Memorial Committee seeks ways to honor special Eastwood residents.  Currently, an initiative is underway to commemorate the late great Joseph Mazella by renovating the basketball court at Eastwood Heights (corner of Avon and Mosley) and re-naming it after him.  To assist with a donation, please see the Donations page.

Residential Property Conservation Committee

Chair: Minch Lewis  243-2530

The Residential Property Conservation Committee takes positive action to conserve the quality of life many generations have enjoyed in Eastwood.  The committee has developed the 5-Star Rental Program designed to strengthen rental property in Eastwood by (1) working with landlords to improve their properties and (2) provide prospective tenants with information about available rentals in Eastwood.

Visit: www.eastwoodrentals.com

Safety Committee

Chair: Sue Straub 437-5087

The committee encourages participation in ENA’s continuing efforts to maintain an aware, proactive, and caring community.  Speakers at ENA general meetings frequently focus on safety issues including: crime prevention, fire prevention, home hazards, driving and bike safety etc.

All members are invited to submit a Safety Tip to be considered for publication in the Eastwood Neighbor.

Skate Park Research Committee

Chair: Judy Lewis 463-6472

The Skate Park Committee is working toward construction of a skate plaza at Huntington Park.  The committee seeks funds through grants and many on-going fundraising efforts including working with the Eastwood Rotary Club at their SU Dome concession stand. ENA members are eligible to take part in this fun fundraiser and be in the midst of the action of SU games while helping to raise money for the skate park.

Visit:  www.skateeastwood.com

Youth Committee

Chair: Pastor Roosevelt Baums  412-1961

The Youth Committee a/k/a AMPED – Action Minded People Eastwood Driven has a goal to develop and enhance all aspects of youths’ potential to succeed in life. The committee seeks various ways to connect Eastwood youth to the Eastwood community.


For more information, contact Committee Chairs or e-mail info@eastwoodneighbor.com

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